Lupe Moreno, Author, Trainer, & Coach  
Host:  Breaking Our Silence 
​Thursday - 6:00 PM CT

Breaking Our Silence is a show that discusses the various types of domestic abuse and the effects it has not only on the victims but on their families as well. Listeners will also learn information on what a healthy relationship is and how to heal after the abuse.

Some topics that will be discussed include:

  • The Many Faces of Abuse
  • When Physical Abuse Goes Too Far
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • When Children Witness Abuse
  • Overcoming Abuse: The Healing Process
  • Survivor Stories

Lupe Moreno is the host of Breaking Our Silence.    She is also the Founder of Building Resilience and Strength. She is certified as a Breakthrough Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, and Resilience Trainer of Trainers. She is co-author of 1 Word: Discover, Reflect & Connect with Words That Can Transform Your Life. Her latest book, Unmasking the Silent Killer: The Many Faces of Domestic Violence, will be released later this year.
After more than 20 years as a domestic violence victim, Lupe’s life is now barely recognizable from the young girl who once lived in fear. She is now happily married to her soulmate and has the life she once only dreamed of living.
Lupe is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She is a national speaker and uses her experience in teen dating and domestic violence to inspire other victims and survivors.

Listen to Lupe every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 6:00 PM CT and learn how you can help in the fight to end domestic abuse.