Dr. Monica Y. Jackson, Ph.D., MBA
Host:  The JOURNEY
​Tuesday - 8:30 PM CT
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The JOURNEY empowers, educates and motivates individuals, generations and society to discover next level living in food choices, faith building and future development. The JOURNEY travels beyond usual and customary. It takes detours with engaging and dynamic guests and yields for a thought-provoking call-to-action! Eat and live healthily ever after The JOURNEY.

Dr. Monica Y. Jackson, Ph.D., is the host of The JOURNEY.  Her personal mission is to build, inspire and model excellence in and to the underserved. After losing three close friends to cancer and being misdiagnosed not once, not twice, but three times with three different diseases, she questioned “the practice,” then stumbled on her newfound passion and purpose, teaching individuals to eat healthy without sacrificing taste, overcome challenges and have faith for a favorable future to combat dis-ease and disease. She also authored the book, Eat Healthy Without Sacrificing Taste.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of Life Skills Enterprise, an education consultant at a prominent university that focuses on health sciences, teaches personal and professional development courses and serves on the African American Advisory Board at a leading hospital. She earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership, Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Take The JOURNEY on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 8:30  CT (See our “Schedule” tab) with Dr. Monica to be empowered, educated and motivated on your journey to health and wellness – food choices, faith building and future development.