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The Stand Against Gun Violence

We are asking Americans from coast-to-coast to stand with us against gun violence by listening to our town hall event, and calling in with your comments and suggestions on how to end gun violence.

We are also asking you to stand by supporting organizations taking the lead to end gun violence like March For Our Lives,  The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Newtown Action Alliance, and Sandy Hook Promise.

You may listen online at

Join the conversation with your comments by calling (563) 999-3660.

Stand with us in the fight against gun violence on Thursday - October 18th from 6PM - 9PM CT.
Gun violence is one of America’s most serious, yet most divisive problems. Although there has been public outcry, protests, marches, and more, there has been little action taken to stop the proliferation of gun violence.

That is why The CWR Talk Network is issuing a call to action to all concerned Americans with our special town hall event, The Stand Against Gun Violence, on Thursday, October 18th from 6PM - 9PM CT.

Why should you listen to The Stand Against Gun Violence special town hall event? It is because we often attempt to find solutions without really understanding the problem.

​We have assembled an expert panel that will explore the gun violence in America from a number of perspectives, including psychological, political, cultural, social, legal, and more, to ensure that we really understand just what the problem of gun violence is really all about. Then we will proceed to offer solutions to preventing gun violence.

Donell Edwards
President & CEO
The CWR 
Talk Network

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